Contemplations on the dead Christ

In this project I have made some reflections on the painting of Hans Holbein
"The body of the dead Christ in the Tomb". I have tried to reflect these considerations up to our own present time.

In this exhibition project I have also painted several portraits of doctors and psychiatrists that carried out medical experiments with human beings before and during the second World War.

These doctors had very often exellent academic education and degrees and came from respectable bourgeois families. They where in one way cultivated, sensible private human beings and in another way totaly dehumanized with completely absence of emphaty and with a professional insensibility.

In many countries in the 1920s it was developed a sterilization practice where they with selections tried to get absolute control over the evolution process, over the biological human future. It was called "Social Darwinism".

It started with coercive sterilization on human beings who, in different ways, where a burden to society, such as mentally retarded people, physically handicapped, hereditarely sick people, criminals, socialy missfitted people etc. This developed from coercive sterilization to direct medical killing in euthanasia projects of "life unworthy of life" and culminated in the extermination camps.

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