Eugenic observations

“Eugenic Observations” is an widely based artistic research project where I, through the juxtaposition of text, painting, and photographs, attempt to focus on some of the problems which arise in the meeting between eugenics, science and ethics.

Is it possible to learn something from this meeting, as seen in the light of history, or is it so that science has no ethics, and as such, always must function within the framework of a system of ethics?

What happens when science is liberated from a context of ethics? Perhaps the central, underlying question is that of whether we at all are capable of learning from history?

We already know enough, but it is not knowledge that we lack. That which we lack is rather the courage to realize what we know, and thereby draw the conclusions.

For the project, I have used a great deal of text and photo-material from the writings by the Norwegian racial hygienist Dr. Jon Alfred Mjøen, published at Vinderen Biological Laboratory in the years before the Second World War. I have also sought out archives in France and Germany, where I also found a great deal of material.

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