Norwegian folk types

The project “Norwegian folk types” is a collaborative project between Frithjof Hoel and Rustan Andersson. It takes as a point of departure scientific research material from the period between the two World Wars by the Norwegian anthropologist Halfdan Bryn. It must be emphasized that Halfdan Bryn was a product of his times, and must be interpreted as belonging to the time in which he lived.

He left material based on photographs and physical anthropological research on the Norwegian people which he had collected through a great many years in his vast travels in our extensive country. This created the basis for his theses on the racial composition of the Norwegian people and of the origin and qualitites of the Nordic race.
This material, in addition to the last of Bryn’s works, “Norwegian Folk Types” (1933), creates the basis of this installation bearing the same title.

By reworking this material, we will explore the problems concerning the historical premises of national identity, and the scientific definition of the concept of race, relating to concurrent movements in today’s society.

The exhibition will be presented as an installation comprised of photographs of various Norwegian folk types, which Halfdan Bryn collected as part of his “scientific” documentation, texts from the dissertations describing appearance and scull types, and different anthropological artefacts on loan from Anatomical Institute.

A simple multiple “Archive for race pictures” accompanies the exhibition, but can also function as an independent artwork.

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