On Trial Christ 2012

In September 2011, I travelled to Armenia with some of my artist friends. 
It was a journey, where I was dramatically confronted with the Armenian history, both in the past and the present.
We were working with an exhibition "On Trial - Christ 2012" which in June 2012 was shown in Oslo, Norway and in August 2013 at the Modern Art Museum in Yerevan, Armenia.

I made a video work especially to this show called "Let there be Light".

It was a show that put faith and existential issues in focus. 
The Armenians are one of the oldest nations in the world and adopted Christanity in 301 a.c.  Armenia has geographically and historically  been placed between the hammer and the anvil, surrounded and caught between hostile muslim countries. Their strong Christian faith and love for their land has kept this nation together despite the greatest disaster, such as the Muslim Turks genocide of 1.5 millions Armenians in 1915.

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