1814 Revisited-The past is still present

In connection with the Norwegian Constitution anniversary, I and a collegue was invited to participate with a project in the exhibition ”1814 Revisited- the past is still present” in Mago A,Eidsvoll.

Through contemporary art, we made some reflections about the Constitution and the importance it has played in the development of Norway as a nation.

Our project was about a dark and forgotten side of the Norwegian history, the story of the Romani people and the Tater mission.  The Tater mission was a private, Christian philanthropic organization that received support from the Parlament to establish a number of orphanages and labor colonies for the Romani people and their children. The aim was to eradicate the Romani culture through the implementation of different laws. The most effective way, however, was to take the children away from the parents and placing them in orphanages. Behind this behavior lay racial hygienic ideas, which was very common in the late 19th and early 20th century. I looked at the Eilert Sundt orphanage. It was a Tater orphanage I was familiar with from my childhood. It was next door to my grandparents home in Eidsvoll. I played a lot with the children and many became my friends.

Here I got a location and person-related project with local ties which we called ”The Mission”.


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