War Diary

For several years. I have worked with social-critical issues that reflects and explores the complexity of our time through a conceptual approach rather then a clear political message. With my artistic projects, I work in the intersection of history, ethics, philosophy and contemporary art. They are presented as installations.

About the project:

The inspiration for the artwork WAR DIARY is to be found in the diaries of German writer, philosopher and entomologist Ernst Jünger, especially his first novel In Stahlgewittern, based on his experiences as a front soldier in 1WW. Here he writes about the horror of war, but also about heroism and the human effort
to maintain dignity in a world that has gone crazy. In his writings there is a strong desire to understand reality in a metaphysical sense. Jünger saw small events in large perspectives, and considered life and death to be the true meaning behind everything. The unique metaphors used by Jünger have led to a wide range of interpretations. The installation WAR DIARY make use of those metaphors and reflects our own conflict-filled contemporary through an interaction between drawing, text, painting and video.

The drawings are from a series of portraits of young men ”Men with broken faces”, who have had their faces destroyed in the steel storms of war. The painting Combat scene (180 x 240 cm) shows a battle scene with the faceless participants of war. The installation also shows some smaller painting with the same theme. On the wall, between the windows, are text from the diaries.
I also use several show cases á 60 x 200 cm. Under the glass plates there are reproductions from the Art history as paintings and grafic prints from the battlefields, books and texts from diaries, drawings, artifacts, photos, note sheets, butterflies, beetles and so on.
The video
, http://www.frithjofhoel.no/index.php/content/index/346/war-diary is directly connected to the metaphors in the diaries.

When dark clouds gathering over the continent, into a guilty, jaded and dying Europe who has lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy, disoriented and whipping herself in an existential civilisational tiredness, perhaps art can become a counter-force against our contemporary cultural erosion.

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