War Diary

The inspiration for the artwork WAR DIARY is to be found in the diaries of the German writer, philosopher and entomologist Ernst Jünger, especially his first  novel In Stahlgewittern, based on his experiences as a front soldier in 1WW. Here he writes about the horror of war, and the human effort to maintain dignity in a world that has gone crazy. The diaries, published in 1920, attracted tremendous attention. No one had ever described “the Great War” in such a way before; from the optimism and enthusiasm in the first days of the war, to the horror and confusion on the battlefield in which everyone is alone among explosions of grenades, death and confusion. All described in a cool, precise record of what is happening on the battlefield and inside himself.

Jünger saw small events in large perspectives, and considered life and death to be the true meaning behind everything. The unique metaphors used by Jünger have led to a wide range of interpretations. The installation WAR DIARY make use of those metaphors and reflects our own conflict-filled contemporary  through an interaction between  drawing, text, painting and video. The video is directly connected to the metaphores in the diaries.


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